“Any fool can know. The point is to understand.”

I don’t believe that Albert Einstein was referring to antiques or collectibles when he said that but it should be an important factor in establishing the value of an item. Looking at a collection and evaluating condition and price is one thing but understanding what it represented during the period, and having solid provenance is totally different.

In my gallery, we have Tiffany pieces, Cartier, and Winston, but it a piece that comes in with a history that really thrills me!

The upcoming estate's auction has taken so long to produce and present due to the locations where many of these pieces came from. One of the locations is the Anderson property is in Accord, New York which is part of Ulster County. One drives past the three massive washed out gray barns so often that they forget they are even there. The buildings are slowly being restored and the property is available for purchase. What was discovered on the grounds is desirable, but what adds to the value is history.

This may come as a shock to some but during the turn of the last century, there were no malls, no supermarkets, no Amazon. And if you needed something you would hop in your Model A, or horse-drawn wagon and go to the local feed & supply store. When it was winter and you needed to warm your home, you would go to the Anderson property and buy Blue Coal. When motorized vehicles started replacing horse-drawn carriages and wagons, you could find both at the Anderson property.

One of my favorite pieces to come out of the Anderson property is the early 1900s Marble Soda & Ice Cream Bar. All the original porcelain marked wells are pristine. The taps are still functional and marked (including Coke). To find one in this condition today is rare. To find one that has the history behind it is very rare. We have put an auction estimate on this Marble Fountain Bar of $6,500 to $8,200.00.

Another popular offering being presented is the Beacon Feed sign from 1959. The sign has the right amount of patina which could make it a great addition for a “man cave”, eatery, or brewery wall. We estimate the sign to be valued at $850 to $1200.

We hope you join us on Saturday, November 16th, 2019 starting at 10:30 am when we present contents from the Anderson property as well as several other important estates. The auction will be held live at our gallery by invitation and live online through Invaluable. For further information, you can contact us at win@gonbid.com or by calling (845)372-4787 during normal business hours.

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