As we are going through and cataloging the Alex Shear Collection, we have found a tremendous amount of vintage and retro coffee pots dating back to the 1920s.

At first, we scoffed but then we handled it like every other item we bring in – RESEARCH THE CATEGORY.

Boy oh boy… We had no idea and we ended up getting an education on collecting coffee pots and collectible coffee pot prices!!!

Looking under the SOLD CATEGORY we went to eBay – Price of highest non-silver coffee pot sold under collectibles - $620+

Then to Liveauctioneers which had a Philadelphia pewter coffeepot, attributed to William Will, ca. 1775 which sold at auction for $38,000!

A Meissen coffee pot and cover from the Swan service, circa 1739-41 sold for $51,250 at Sotheby’s.

Well we got schooled!

Although we have not come across any Georg Jensen yet – we have found some very unusual coffee pots – both electric and non-electric. We have found porcelain, enameled, aluminum, and steel pots. Coffee pots that range from the 1920s to the 1970s – Yep, there are Mid-Century coffee pots!

If you are a coffee lover, coffee collector, or a designer looking for your coffee pot Picasso, get yours here at Scott Daniel’s.

While we are cataloging the coffee pots, we will be posting them to our site and you can make a pre-auction offer on the perfect piece for your vintage, retro, or antique kitchen. Let’s face it – you probably start your day the perfect way with a cup of coffee – why not make it in the perfect coffee pot!

If you should have questions or comments please contact us at (845)372-4787 or email us at

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